【 Review of Zero Haliburton ZR – Geo 17inch】I want to review because I used it for five months since I bought Zero Haliburton ZR – Geo 17inch (carry bag)

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Thank you for stopping by. It is Deme-san.

I took quite a business trip in this 3 months. I think I took him for more than 20 days.

“ZR – Geo 17inch” that makes it possible to take photographs of hotel review articles etc as much as possible, I will review again as it rolls up again and again.

The point which I noticed as a result of actually using ZR-Geo 17inch

First I will write negative elements. In the last review I wrote that “I do not regret at all,” but as I truly rolled over and down, two negative points came out. It is not that this ZR – Geo is bad, but I think that even if I bought Rimowa I think that it will be similar, so please forgive me for being a typical salaried worker ‘s point of view.

ZR – Geo Weighs 17 inches 4.3 kg! Aluminum suitcase is heavy!

No, I knew it. What is heavy.

But I thought that it would not be a problem for rough grooves.

That was not the case either. . .

I made a small piece of bean on the way home from my business trip in two days.

In the end, Nagoya or Osaka will be mostly on business trips, but you are walking in a certain urban area.

When it comes to, mainly around the station there are so many people, it does not go rumbling. Of course it will naturally be held in one hand, no, well, it is heavy.

Even if it is polycarbonate of the same size, it is 2.6 kilometers, so if you actually bring it, perhaps there is not much difference, but in contrast I do not have polycarbonate, “weight” is one negative factor.

Chinami, as compared with the pain of the shoulder when I packed it in a rucksack before I can say this, “Tonton”, so it may be said “Endure if you carry a bag of luggage all the while traveling.”

Anyway, having carry an aluminum suitcase · carry bag will definitely need to be careful that the spicy upgrades one step.

Explicitly that ZR-Geo is a luxury item!

This is pretty important, is not it? . .

If this is an extension of a black salaryman bag like ACE or BERMAS, you will not mind it, but the aluminum suitcase of Zero Haliburton has a sense of quality.

It is a suitcase that costs as much as 80,000 yen at a fixed price though it is a small size of 17 inches. It is 60, 480 yen including tax, obtained at 30% OFF at the outlet, but it is unbelievable price.

As I mentioned in the title, I think that “typical salaried worker” is not poor, but he is never rich, even though he is a salaried man, he says “I have good things!”

I answered “I was stressed all the time with outlets!”, But what it says somewhat cumbersome.

I think that this is also the topaz of Rimowa.

Generally thinking and having obviously high things, people who really like it become a story of the story, but if you do not know about me properly with a shoulder who knows halfway, ” I pretend to be rich a little, do not you? … “There is a feeling!

I wish I could bring in cheap ones, different from self-satisfaction. . .

The fact that I came across several times when I thought is honest.

Well, though it may be a mind-settlement, I felt this is a disadvantage with this.

The point that I noticed as a result of actually using ZR-Geo 17inch

Of course, it is not only negative. Rather, what I think is good is to buy three more than the negative one.

I think ZR – Geo 17inch will shoot photos!


Such as something.


Such as something.

Haa ,,,, Cool. . . I think. Ever since I am working, my ecstasy is important.

Because this is the result of thinking, choosing with suffering, it is a sense of satisfaction feeling of satisfaction.

ZR-Geo 17inch has never suffered a 5-month feeling even once!

Originally, the biggest reason why we made Zero Haliburton, not Rimowa, was “hard to smoke”, but this has completely achieved our goal.

I can see Rimowa as much as this. Especially the air lounge.

There also Rimowa, here also Rimwa.

No I think it’s nice because it’s nice.

But it ‘s a bit embarrassing when you are lining up.

It is not at all.

Rather, when you see it, absolute tension rises.

When I saw an old woman using the same thing at the ANA lounge at Itami airport (it would be hard to get around), I had a little fellow consciousness.

Of course, if it is only zero Haliburton, I see it occasionally but still I do not see ZR – Geo 17inch yet, so I think this is good.

Because it is aluminum that you feel it seems to be getting tasted as a result of using it!

At first I thought it was hurting to get hurt, but it was impossible to think about anything. Seriously, carefully, politely, if you handle it is not a checked baggage, and you may be able to operate with little scratches on it.

However, I am going for a business trip for business trips, and how I get hurt.

Especially the step of the sidewalk.


The tires are getting almost scraped. Because it roams the asphalt normally.


It is impossible for me to hold back if I have been together for more than 20 days.

Still it keeps its contents securely, and the feeling that the wound itself is becoming a taste does.

It is a companion translation ticking the time.

The inconvenient point that I felt right after purchasing did not have any problems after all.

I also thought that it was anxiety immediately after purchase. There were also two here.

The first one is hard to close the ratchet.

The second one is spicy because we are two wheels.

Conclusion You can get used to both. As much as I thought about what ratchet really was, now I got the skills that I can fasten naturally.

Regarding the handling of the two wheels I was able to acquire the technique to be able to go all the way (right and left), right behind, straight in the four directions. Frightly.

It is possible to adjust the length and to draw in the minimum space without sloppy grueling. Since it will eventually have to be held when there is nothing to do, it does not matter whether it is a four wheel or not.

Especially since I often walk around the Tokyo station, it seems that someone who is hitting behind is really obstructive or not, it makes it very good to be able to roll it.

In addition, because it is two wheels, I think that the merit is greater by being firmly independent.

So, it really was good to buy the conclusion that was tricky, rugged and I would like to use it from now.

Well, here I will buy the famous saying of the Japanese bulletin board site.


While you are holding up for a year, we finish break-in.

While you are holding up for two years, we have made a lap around Japan.

While you are patient for three years, we have countless encounters and parting.

While your patience stands for 4 years, we will notice “What is a suitcase?” ”

While your patience stands for 5 years, we have a myriad of scratches on my car and are one and equal.


As it is a car loan’s maxim, the following sentence is finally attached to the end, well, as expected it is not a suitcase.


I have finished my loan while you are holding up for 6 years. Yahoo!


It was a story that I think that it would be nice to have a meeting with a good suitcase for those who have read so far.

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